Wrist Strap

Smart bands- The perfect wingmen for a healthy lifestyle

AquaTouch DW-007+ is designed to provide you the best of both worlds; technology and fashion. Unlike most products, AquaTouch fitness band balances your fitness goals, motivates you to lead a healthy lifestyle while also keeping your keen fashion sense intact. Although the eccentric features itself make the band irresistible, the wrist strap adds remarkable appeal to it. Here’s a quick sneak peek of the quirky qualities that AquaTouch wrist strap offers:

Choice of colors

The new AquaTouch DW-007+ fitness tracker smart bands are made in line with our fashion choices. The fitness band comes with adjustable and detachable wrist straps, which are available in 5 different colors viz. Onyx Black, Lunar White, Space grey, Scarlet Red and Sunrise Orange.

Easy to Change

The wrist straps can be changed with much ease. The LED screen can be detached and attached easily so you can switch between the five available colors as per the occasion or mood you are in for the particular day and time. The wrist straps are designed to fit almost all the wrist sizes.

Skin Friendly

The material used in DW-007+ fitness wristbands is completely skin friendly. The smooth surface of the strap caresses the skin and you do not have to worry about any kind of skin irritation, rashes or discoloration. Furthermore, the strap is very sleek (0.05 inch) and light-weight that you won’t even realize it’s on your wrist.

High Grade TPUMaterial

The band is manufactured using IP67 rated and TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) high grade material that makes it exquisitely water resistant and skin friendly. The peculiar properties like abrasion resistance, oil resistance, high wear & tear, tensile and puncture strength, and broader temperature tolerance range are what made TPU the best choice for AquaTouch fitness bracelet/wrist straps.

High Quality Stainless Steel Buckle

The high quality stainless steel buckle gives the strap an upscale feel that can be adjusted easily according to your wrist size. The two point buckle undergoes rigorous testing so that you can wear your health band as tight or loose as you would like without worrying of losing the buckle grip.