Introducing the new AquaTouch DW-007+

‘THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN’T ACHIEVE’ is our motto. Now you can be much fitter, healthier and productive than ever with real time tracking, sleep monitoring and instant notification system without ever having to stop, thanks to DW-007+, a waterproof smart band that offers extended battery life.

You’ll Love It. Give It A Try.
Don’t Settle. Aim for more.

Be Communication Ready

Never miss another important call, SMS or social media update, thanks to the instant notification alert system in DW-007+.

For your Selfie love

Family photos are incomplete without you. With remote camera control, you never have to be out of the frame ever again.

Achieve more

DW-007+ is an activity tracker equipped with new chipset and higher performance battery that lasts up to 5 to 7 days.

Track health on the go

Step towards a healthier tomorrow with real time tracking of your fitness regime and sleep cycle.

Don’t let the rain stop you

Enjoy the first shower of monsoon, party hard or swim away to your heart’s content. DW-007+’s waterproof design and IP67 water resistant technology takes care that a little water doesn’t get in the way of your party, communication or fitness goals.

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The Smart App for your Fitness Goals

Living healthy life is a choice and the LinkFit App helps you stay right on track. LinkFit is the ‘smart’ partner that your fitness goals need. Get a complete stats of your everyday basic activities. It helps you to track your total steps taken, distance covered, calories burnt, amount and quality of sleep, and much more. Stay motivated.


Losing is just not an option

How many times have you lost your phone? It’s frustrating, right? Not anymore! With DW-007+ your phone is just a tap away. So, the next time you are running late and can’t find your phone, you know who to turn to. Your savior is right there on your hand.

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